Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness

A great loss for us all, Yasmina Ykelenstam

I am so sad to share the news of the passing of Yasmina Ykelenstam, known to many as the "Low Histamine Chef". I understand that she passed peacefully after a long-standing fight with breast cancer. Please know that devoted her life to living the best life possible through whatever challenges came her way, and tried to help others do the same. No matter your health challenge, please know that she would want you to continue seeking health -- today and always.

Although I didn't have the pleasure of meeting her personally, I did get to know her and spend time with her over the phone and through the magic of the internet. I was honored that she reached out to me to compose a letter she could use to move to the states, and I was happy to do so. Our bond involved shared struggles with "invisible illnesses", helping others, and remaining optimistic throughout. I will miss that connection.

I remain grateful to Yasmina for helping me release new information about the vagus nerve that had been missed in many of us, and she also helped to spread the word about POTS Care. Her help and support meant so much to me,  and I looked forward to sharing more with her soon. Sadly, although that day will not come, others will step into her shoes to continue this journey of helping others. Yasmina will live on in so many of us.  

Rest in peace, Yasmina, and know that your legacy and your love lives on.

Yasmina's blog:

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