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“While I am still very ill, Dr. Diana has made my life much more manageable and has given me invaluable counsel and suggested next steps. She has been reliable, ever-present and consistent. She is a dedicated professional and has provided several important health recommendations to me, which, in turn, has helped me to get answers to many questions, and improve the quality of my life. Her guidance covers a broad range of areas from simply listening and understanding, helping to manage symptoms, medications, medical advice, knowledge of procedures, tests, doctors, references, and the list goes on. She has become a very important part of my support system. And, she delivers all this help with a smile and a sense of humor... It's extremely comforting to know that Dr. Diana is there for me to simply listen and offer a lending hand any time I am in need. Dr. Diana is one in a million and I thank my lucky stars that I was fortunate enough to find her while simply searching the Internet.”

-- Christina H.

“Yup. Dr. Diana is awesome. I credit her with, if not actually saving my daughter’s life, at least returning her to life. It was nothing short of a miracle for us. Glad you had a similar experience – thanks for sharing it here. (I share my daughter’s journey on my blog Our Life With Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and I have written extensively about The Driscoll Theory).”

-- Beth

“I was very glad to have found your contact information and ecstatic when I got a reply from you. Finally, a doctor who is knowledgeable medically, but one who also understands what it fees like in the trenches of autonomic dysfunction. The information you provided was very helpful to me and you answered some questions that had been bothering me for a long time. I am truly happy that someone like you had decided to advocate and investigate further into an illness that is so misunderstood. Thank you, thank you!”

-- Margarita I.

“Diana Driscoll quite literally lifted us out of the "pit of medical despair". She was, and is, not only brilliant in helping us with diagnosis and treatments, she truly cares about us. She has the gift of Problem-solving when the problems seem unsolvable. We are so grateful to have someone like her in our corner, helping us solve the mysteries of Ehlers-Danlos and all that goes with it. She has a unique perspective on the symptoms because she lives them every day. As our daughter would say, ‘You rock, Diana’!”

-- Debby VandenBurg

“After combing the Internet for innumerable hours doing medical research, I was also looking for someone with similar symptoms who may be able relate to my condition and potentially provide some help. About a year ago I discovered Dr. Diana Driscoll. I wrote to Dr. Diana as she had a blog online helping others with similar health issues. I was extremely surprised as she promptly responded back to me, willing to listen and help me any way she could. For the first time in almost three years, I finally felt like I had someone who could personally relate to what I was going through, as Diana herself, not only being a very caring, compassionate and an intelligent Doctor, is also a patient dealing with many of the same health issues I deal with day in and day out. She has carefully listened and thoughtfully responds to each of my questions and concerns over the last year and has been instrumental in supporting me and providing timely guidance.”

-- Christina H.

Iris got into a big financial pickle with her medical bills. We were able to work something out, and she learned to be proactive in her medical care.

“Thank you so much for returning my email, I honestly didn't quite expect it. Thank you so much for the advice, all of the things you recommended. Luckily, I have this great advice from you and the District Manager will help me stay in the company with an administrative position until I can sort out my bills. Thank you again for all your help and encouragement in being proactive, it really is so important. I truly appreciate your helping me and that's great that you'll be helping others; I definitely know that you would be so wonderful as you've been with me. Thank you very much again for replying to me, it really means so much. You definitely have my blessing and thank you so much again,”

-- Iris A.

“I have been very ill for over two and half years now. While I was diagnosed early on with Autonomic Dysfunction, I continued to see tons of specialists around the country trying to get fully diagnosed as I knew that Autonomic Dysfunction, while being very disabling and affecting several systems in my body, was not the only syndrome that could explain all of my signs and symptoms. After going from Doctor to Doctor, I was referred to a Geneticist who was finally able to diagnose me with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome over a year and a half after the Autonomic Dysfunction diagnosis. While no one wants to be told they have additional health problems, I was grateful to simply have a diagnosis to explain some of the symptoms that I knew were not simply related to Autonomic Dysfunction alone.”

-- Christina H.