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San Francisco, CA
Owner of Welldog (now disabled)
mid-century modern furniture, crafting, dogs, veganism, travel, organic food, making handmade soaps, animals!
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July 10, 1983

Hi everyone!

I’m Robynne. I live in San Francisco with my husband and pug and I just turned 30 years old. I’m 5’7, 139 lbs. and have the typical “over-achieving” outgoing personality many have described. Up until very recently, I thought I was very healthy and active. I owned a successful dog walking business and spent my weekdays hiking an average of 6 miles a day with dogs of every type, size and personality through the beautiful parks and beaches of San Francisco.

At the end of May, I began having odd one-off symptoms: muscle pain in my left arm, GI issues and visual changes. The GI issues got increasingly worse, so I decided to cut out dairy. On the morning of June 3, 2013 I could barely get out of the house. I was having excessive diarrhea and dizziness. I went to work, and had 6 dogs out on a trail with me when I suddenly felt myself fainting. I struggled to keep consciousness and get the dogs back to the car. I went to the doctor and was checked for a parasite and celiac disease. This began a chain of progressive symptoms and tests that has not ended. I stopped being able to work or drive on June 14, 2013. I am actively seeking help and information that could lead me to a diagnosis.

The following is a list of my persistent symptoms that began on June 3rd:
- frequent lightheadedness
- feeling as if I would faint
- constant visual floaters, esp. in right eye
- loss of balance, walking into things
- constant nausea
- intermittent diarrhea and constipation
- muscle weakness in arms and legs (had a right foot drop for 2 weeks)
- extreme muscle fatigue after short walks
- numbness in lower legs and feet, especially when sitting or standing
- numbness in hands and arms, especially when holding something up

Other symptoms that may or may not be relevant include:
- heart palpitations approx. 2-3 times a month
- fainting (2 times in June)
- unexpected weight loss (9 lbs in June)
- missed periods for the first time/ irregular spotting
- small amounts of blood in urine
- splitting headaches
- quick, shooting pains
- intense soreness in my left arm that disappears with no residual soreness
- bloodshot eyes/burst blood vessels in eyes
- cold feet when lying down
- “heaviness” in limbs
- some flashes and visual disturbances
- seeing spots
- hypermobile joints, especially thumbs and elbows
- bad acne, recent onset
- higher resting heart rate
- bloody nose
- pale complexion
- blotchy or purple/red feet
- sweating very little and then POURING sweat (down to my elbows)
- missing the moons on some fingernails
What exacerbates my symptoms:
- standing up from a seated or laying down position
- walking
- climbing stairs
- squatting
- reaching over my head
- standing still for just a few minutes

What alleviates my symptoms:
- raising my feet
- sitting down
- laying down

I feel the worst:
- when I wake up in the morning, mornings suck for me!
- when I try to walk more than a block (to run an errand, etc.)
- when I stay in a seated position for too long (my feet feel heavy and numb)

I feel the best:
- in the evenings, esp. if I have been resting during the day
- when I stay off of my feet, or keep them raised

I am able to:
- do basic household chores
- read, write, type, watch tv, etc.
- eat & speak normally
- shower and groom myself
- sleep normally at night
- feel mentally alert
- breath normally

I am not able to:
- work (I’m self-employed)
- walk more than a block or two without resting
- drive
- run basic errands that require walking for more than a few minutes

Past medical conditions:
- lower back injury
- kidney stones
- neck pain, prior injuries from accidents
- head trauma from snowboarding and horseback riding accidents in teens
- depression
- depression-related anxiety

Current medications:
- Wellbutrin 300 mg (5+ years)
- birth control pill (10+ years)

Irregular Tests:
- high vitamin B6 serum levels (without mega dosing on vitamins)
- suddenly high/fluctuating resting heart rate
- some EKG abnormalities, waiting on 24-hour heart monitor results
- slight peripheral nerve damage in EMG (ouch, did that hurt!)

“Normal” tests:
- spinal and brain MRI
- various bloodwork

I’ve been a lifelong vegetarian and was then vegan. I’ve started working with a nutritionist who has me eating poultry and fish (I HATE it) and no gluten or soy.

If you’ve made it this far - THANK YOU!!!! I am looking for any clues/help/support available. I greatly appreciate your thoughts.