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March 06, 2015  01:54 PM

In my research this past year I’m humbled at the vast range of diseases that doctors actually know about and can treat.  The specialists almost have to further specialize.  Yet the “family doctors” I end up with always seem hell bent on being the master diagnostician.  And the diagnosis for years and years has been DEPRESSION!  UGH!  Refusal to test, to refer out, because “that’s only seen in HIV or chemotherapy patients in the hospital.”

This medical myopia epidemic is staggering.  So-called “evidence based medicine” omits the very evidence sitting butt-naked on the shiny white paper-lined table in front of them. 

The human element is gone.  In comes a patient who just KNOWS in their gut that something is wrong, no clue what, and gives the lengthy list of age-inappropriate decline symptoms.  Scared.  Anxious.  The unknown.  But dare utter the words “I looked up <fill in the symptom> and they immediately glaze over. 

Ultimately, we’re looking at pain and death, and doctors seem to forget that.  They try to allay our fears, sweep our concerns under the rug.  Here’s the pattern I encounter:

me: “I think I have Y because Y.”
dr: <verbally dismisses concern without looking or testing, they’re the doctor, they call the shots….>

me: “I was looking up X on the internet…”
dr: <sudden-onset deafness coupled with mind-reading capabilities>

me: <ok, if it’s ego, I’ll just give the symptoms and let them figure it out>
dr: <furiously writes a prescription for first symptom uttered and calls it a diagnosis>

me: “Doc, my hands are numb and cold as ice, and my arms are on fire, burning.”
dr: <looks up my nose with a flashlight> “It’s stress.  You should find a therapist.”

(so THAT’S how they mind-read…)

me: “The lab result says EBV IgG A and M are negative.”
dr: “I called the lab, it’s positive.”

me: “It’s systemic yeast, it’s on my feet, lady parts, chest, mouth, and scalp.  It’s making my hair fall out”
dr: “You don’t smell like yeast.  That’s just early onset female pattern balding.  Take tepid baths and use mineral oil based lotion before fully dry.”

(for the record, I bought a USB microscope and took pictures.  Empty yeast-plugged follicles sprinkled among the brown, soupy, decaying follicles that still had hair, interspersed with strands of hyphae in all colors of the rainbow)

Oops, am I ranting?  wink