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Unemployed been disabled from this last 4 years :(
Sports, Video Games, The outdoors
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November 22, 1990

Well if one must have a bio, i will keep this short as possible but also as detailed as possible.  From the age of 12 i have had health anxiety issues, where things such as my mom pouring me a glass of orange juice i would see bubbles in it and assumed she poisoned it.  Or if i brushed my teeth and still tasted it even tho i spit all of it out and rinsed my mouth i was convinced i was going to die because i thought i swallowed some.  Well that’s where the anxiety began got put on zoloft and went on with my life.  From age 14 to around 21 i became i major mess up in school not really caring about class and just wanted to have fun with friends and didn’t take class seriously.  I regret that because i don’t have the best grammar and am not book smart whatsoever.  At the age of 16 i started smoking pot and drinking.  It got bad enough where i would start stealing from my parents to support my bad habits.  At 17 years old i got sent to rehab because things were getting out of control and i got expelled from school for multiple things including drugs skipping class failing out.  first 2 month i went to a therapeutic wilderness program where i lived out in the woods for 2 months and i must say that i enjoyed doing that a lot and going there is also the reason why i love the outdoors so much.  The next 10 months i got sent to another place where i had to go by there rules to move on and eventually be good enough to go back home.  Home school was done there so i actually graduated before my class year which was amazing. when i put my mind to things i can actually do a lot.  Well the day i graduated from rehab, i went home smoked weed and got an instant drug test and failed.  My parents eventually let me continue smoking.  But then i started drinking again and i would do these things every day until after my 21st birthday.  Blacking out was also a normal occurrence for me being that i would drink 15 plus beers like a moron even tho this entire time i was on zoloft.  One night after a night of blacking out i felt worse then ever before attempted to go to work got really lightheaded and felt like i was going to faint.  My skin was pale as a ghost and my boss told me to go home.  I continued to feel these symptoms for days, then weeks, and eventually years.  The good thing that came out of this was i quit drinking will never drink again, i quit smoking weed another thing i will never do again and i found peace with myself even tho i am going through these tough times.  Well what i have concluded from all that i have done and up to when the pots came, is that i probably caused this by drinking absurd amounts of alochol while taking zoloft and life has been a living hell.  I have now been alcohol free for over a year, “still tried drinking even tho i felt like this but enough was enough” and have been free from weed for 4 years because i felt like i would have a heart attack every time i smoked.  I have matured so much since going through this and i may be the only person in the world who is actually happy that i got pots because without this horrible disorder i would have never gotten off alcohol or weed and would continue to be a mess up for god knows how long.  I have stopped talking to the people i used to talk to have made new group of friends who don’t drink and support me through everything i go through and i just hope one day i can find the right medications for me to live life happy and sober.  Tried to make this bio as short as possible but looks kind of long to me smile.