just want someone to get it..
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Hello I am new here… 39 year old.. Hypermobility and Fibro a year into a Diagnosis. Been out of work full time for over five years and out of work all together for over a year. I applied with a company Allsup to take my case for filing for disbility. They won’t take my case based on the findings in my function test. Which states I can only do Sedentary to some light work. With breaks as needed and that there is no way to predict how many days a month I would need off because of my symtoms. What no one seems to understand is on the days I am active as I can be I PAY for it the next day. Unable to move or function at any level. Couch or bed bound for at least a day maybe more. UGH ! BEAN ( VT, US)

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Welcome, Bean! I’m so sorry you are going through this. :( I will tell you that you are not alone, however. One thing most of us understand, yet need to remind many doctors and insurance companies, is that just because the cause of an illness is not yet determined, does not mean it doesn’t exist. As patients, we need to stick to our guns. Only the patient truly understands their condition. We are working hard to expose a few objective findings that can help reveal many of these “invisible” illnesses. Please know that most of us here understand fatigue from most any exertion. It is real, certainly. Hang in, and keep the faith, OK? Big hug, Diana


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