Financial Trouble
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I know I am not the only one who can only work part time or not at all. I have a lot of trouble with my wrists, neck, and back. That is without mentioning all of the other surprises this condition comes with. I work as a part time cashier. I have done full time before. It didn’t last of course. Trying to jump through the hoops to get SSI or SSD with an invisible illness is very daunting. I have no insurance but without this job I could have! Medical help (if anyone even knows anything about my condition) or diapers, clothes for the kids, and gas for the car to go out and get anything done are my choices. Besides, I want to work! I am in college trying to get a degree where I can work mostly from home using Dragon Naturally Speaking text to talk software until I go blind one day. I hope that doesn’t happen! Can we get a break? I need medical care but I cant have it unless I make under $200 a month. We sure do count pennies in our budget.

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Sadly, financial problems are a common theme among most of us. :( Options for assistance are often regional—depending upon your country, state or province—even neighborhood! Your best bet may be to reach out to local groups to see what your options may be. Please know you are not alone in your struggles. AWESOME that you are going to school. Big hug,


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