The brain & body connection…
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I was diagnosed with pots last year. I was having severe anxiety and put in the hospital when my blood pressure was very erratic and i had the orthostatic hypotension, and they discovered pots. I was put on florinef, propanolol, and citalopram which is an antidepressabt and I was almost back at 100%. Well less than a year later the pots has come back worse than ever! I’ve currently had to stop working and can’t drive much because I’ll panic thinking something terrible will happen and the erratic blood pressure. I was put back on citalopram but this time it didn’t work and my blood pressure and heart rate went really high and I was in the ER with a hypertensive crisis. Now my brain and body are totally out of sync! I am looking for any hints to get them back In sync.  I am back on florinef and I take propanolol but it does nothing to slow my heart rate down anymore. The main times my heart speeds up is of course excercise, after eating, and when im anxious (which is a lot lately and is not helping my body get back in sync). I take klonopin sometimes which is anti anxuety medicine but I’ve read it can make pots worse so I have no clue what to do. Thankfully I have an appt with my cardiologist monday! I am so open to any suggestions or comments anyone may Have when it comes to getting the body & brain together!! Is rest the answer or is it better to stay active? I need to be working and living life as im only 32. Thank you!!


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Hi Leah,
I went down the non-pharmacological route, for my POTS.  Off the top of my head these were:-

1).  Increase salt intake (iodised salt is best, if you can get it), this addresses several matters we seem to be affected by, mainly:-
    Helps increase blood volume to a more normal level, so there’s plenty to circulate.
    Helps keep us better hydrated - as drinking voluminous amounts of water alone does not hydrate, it just flushes through us, taking essential minerals with it.
    Improves the quality of stomach acid, so that our food actually digests (instead of fermenting!) thus reducing or removing the following:-
          Gastric reflux
          Slow gastric emptying

2).  Wear good fitting, full-length, support hose:-
          Helps stop blood pooling in the legs
          Helps stop oedema from further restricting normal tissue and circulation function
    Note: some people also wear an abdominal binder but I found this worsened slow gut motility.

3).  Sleep with the head of the bed raised, or sleep with your head in a sitting position.

Additionally, I would increase protein intake and take Vit C regularly through the day (little and often is better than all at once). In general, I would bathe in Epsom Salts (to supplement your magnesium) and also take a good all round mineral and vitamin supplement (regularly!) to replenish any that’s lacking.
Hope some of this helps.