18 month w/odontoid retroflexed…
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I am here to try and find some more information or perhaps ease my mind. My daughter is 18 months old and has a severe swallowing disorder. Because of this, we have been through the ringer with different tests. She had an MRI to rule out Chiari malformation. We thought maybe it was Chiari because she is very clumsy, she aspirates all consistencies of liquids, her left leg is longer than her right and she only swings her left arm when running/walking, she loves to make herself dizzy and is always craving deep pressure around her ears and her head. Cognitively she has developed well. Her MRI was read and came back as “normal”, meaning no Chiarai was found, but I did read in the report that the “odontoid is noted to be retroflexed”. From the simple google searches I have done, it seems that this is only associated with a Chiari malformation. Can any one help me better understand this? We don’t have an appt with a neurologist until the middle of May.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jennifer,
Sorry my private message box was full, it only allows me 60 messages in total, I can’t keep on top of it! You can post here though and I’ll try and answer.

Regarding a ‘retroflexed odontoid’ (uppermost peg-like bone which points backwards), mine is retroflexed but I do not qualify as Chiari 1 Malformation, which requires 5mm herniation of the cerebellar tonsils (lowest part of hindbrain), through the foramen magnum (hole in the bottom of the skull).  I do have ‘low lying’ cerebellar tonsils, according to The Chiari Institute (NY), which abut the foramen magnum.  When checking my symptoms years ago against those typical of Chiari, many were the same, I have to say.

Do you have a copy of your youngster’s MRI ?