Scared hopefully not to death. Does this sound like congestive Heart Failure to you?
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Ok about 10 days ago I started swelling in my feet which I do every few weeks for a week tops and never so bad that I can’t wear shoes. Now it’s ten days later, Yes I am going to hospital today, just had to get hings in order with kids first, ok tens days and 25 lbs later. Cannot wear shoes. I can barely walk. I feel like my skin will rip and they are sooo hard to lift due to all the weight I’m carrying in them now. I wear my dads pool shoes wherever I go now. I know I should’ve already been to hospital already but I honestly thought it was hormones until the depo Provera didn’t work and it’s worse everyday and swollen now up to mid thigh. I mean tremendously swollen. no appetite a little hard to breathe and slight chest pain but I always forget whats slight to me is extreme for others. I called Doc and he get directly to hospital and made it sound as if I would be staying for a bit. Is this what they do for CHF? They won’t just do testing and send me home if I’m not dying. Not funny but with the over thirty diagnosis’s I have I have spent months at a time in the hospital so I get hardheaded when it comes to going to hospital even though I know I should go for everything. Plus I get so very sick of explaining 15 times in one visit what I have. Recently I’ve told them to come to your website and the

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Hi Momo, there are so many causes of edema that it is just not possible to guess what is going on. I understand how frightening this time is, however, when you have no answers. It sounds like your doctor will get to the bottom of it very soon, however, which is awesome. Please remember that most causes of severe edema (and even congestive heart failure) are generally quite treatable. Please keep us posted? Gentle hugs….


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