other epilepsy drugs
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When my daughter has her next acting like a five year old. They may give her more modern epilepsy treatments. Have any other epilepsy drugs been effective or been tried to treat these symptoms.
4 years ago I had an eeg[brain waves} The doctors said there was something different but explained they didn’t know why Any way all brains are a little different.  I looked it up on the net and it mentioned epilepsy but it was in Doctor speak.
Has anybody else had strange results from eeg.

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Check out Magnesium deficiency and epilepsy.  Also any of you with migraine may benefit.  Here Dr Diana talks about how such a deficiency can cause many other symptoms, often reported on this website.

An easy way of improving your magnesium levels is to take a soak in a nice warm bath with a couple of cupfuls of Epsom Salts.  Your body will absorb it through your skin.