Normal response yo Diamox?
Posted: 24 June 2015 05:17 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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  The white flakily skin that has been on my face for the last 30 years is gone.
  I’ve actually got muscles in my upper arm for the first time ever.
  Headaches have reduced.
  I can remember names which was a huge problem before.
  My lying down heart rate was 82 standing 96 diff 14. Normally my diff is 30 or 40.
  I don’t pass an acid like substance anymore.
  General feeling of being better.
  Been doing more work around the house.  Haven’t ben lying down all the time.
  About 5 hour after the Diamox I can feel a bit wonky again. Generally feel that hyper feeling but don’t want to do anything I believe it is an adrenaline build up.
  Sleeping a couple of hours more a night [before only 4 hours sleep].
  I’m taking 250 every 6 hours.
Is this a similar response other older people have[ I’m 45]?