POTS doctor and diagnostic testing in Southern California
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I need a firm diagnosis for POTS. Cardio doc suggests I have this but wants to give me midodrine or florinef and I won’t take stuff unless it is non prescription.
Does anyone have a good doctor in Orange County California who is knowledgeable of Autonomic Disorders who can run all testing. I have had a tilt table test by cardio and bp/heart rate was okay so test was inconclusive.
My symptoms:
Orthostatic Intolerance Standing - feel faint and short of breath
no significant increase or decrease in heart rate standing
Used to have sudden tachycardia while resting - rare now with proper hydration
Now have consistent Low Blood Pressure - lowest 85/58 average 93/60 not low standing
Low Heart Rate (drops as low as 44 resting) hangs in low 50’s -
Must drink salted water to maintain min bp and drink lots of water
Breathing difficulty - push on stomach to stimulate what feels like stuck breathing
short of breath when standing up and first several min of exercise and sometimes beginning of a meal causes shortness of breath
dizzy feelings standing, like just off cruise ship - feel need to hold on or lean on something when standing
heat intolerance
cold intolerance
pain in hands
numbness arms feet strange feelings in extremities like blood is cut off
bouts of random fatigue and bouts of energy
many nutritional deficiencies gut issues, must use supplements
muscle weakness
during exercise heart and body feel fine - get my heart rate up to 136 then it will lower post exercise couple hours later drops my bp too low.
blurred vision poor eyesight sensitive to bright lites- blinds me
hypothyroid - on synthroid tsh is normal
Interstitial cystitis
gastritis -
was well and physically active then changed 5 years ago following a surgery. Neck fusion surgery last year but symptoms were there before and still there post neck surgery.
age 62 female on bioidentical hormone therapy and cannot seem to find a balance in my body.
Father had Parkinson’s and died post surgery could not swallow got pneumonia. I have doubt of his diagnosis and think he made have had some other Autonomic Disorder.


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Dr. Thomas Ahern at Scripps La Jolla, a bit south of OC, is great and has many women in his practice with POTS.  He treats with Zantac/Zyrtec, another mast cell stabilizer (like Singulair), fluids, salt, compression stockings, mild exercise.  He also said he was having luck treating women with a history of herpes with antiviral medications and it was improving their POTS.  He was very compassionate and spent a lot of time educating me.  I’d certainly recommend him.  He usually has a waiting list, but if you specify you have POTS he may be able to bump you up.  There may be others in the area, you can join the Facebook group California Potsies and the gal who is admin was treated by him and you can hopefully get all of your questions answered. smile