Burning Mouth
Posted: 31 October 2015 09:51 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I have burning mouth….for 3.5 years.  In fact I have tingling and numbness and awful tastes and I feel like I am being poisoned to death!
  I have methylation and detox issues..with MTHFR 1298 and many others.  I have treated candida and blastocysis hominis parasites and my mouth still continues to burn and itch and feel not right!  Dry fizzures and all of the above. 

I say the utube talking about how to get the vagus nerve to wake up… I gargle for this…
What is in that to help make the nerve up?  I can not find the ingredients anywhere.

I saw your utube on the MTHFR1298 closed web site tonight and I am very curious!

Is there a reason that the ingredients are no on the web site and also no real way to contact anyone.  This is so strange!  Thanks.  Stacy