Well…I did one heck of a job on myself this time…..
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I shut down my truck in Moriarty, NM due to ice and heavy snow flurries. Set my alarm for three hours out to recheck the weather and climbed into the top bunk to nap for those few hours. I wake to my alarm clock on the truck computer going off and, thinking I was on the bottom bunk, went to hop out of bed to turn it off…and fell 6 feet out of bed.
End result - I shattered the distal end of my radius and broke my ulna. Surgeon said it looked like some had stuck my wrist in a Cuisinart. It is now held together with plates and screws. SEVERELY comminuted was the term used….
My company has been outstanding. They called me shortly after I hit the ER in Albuquerque and have handled everything in an exceptional manner. They quickly changed the arrangements to get me home…from a bus ride to a flight…after realizing I’d be looped on narcotics and only had jeans and one hand to fasten them with. The surgeon was really wonderful and spent some time with me so that I could fill him in on EDS! He was VERY interested and asked a lot of questions. I hooked him up with some online resources for further study.

So, I am home for the next 3-4 months to heal. Dr. D….I will be seeing you soon as all of my stuff is still on my truck which is now sitting in West Memphis, AR….including my glasses. Drives me nuts not being able to see. I have tapered the Oxycodone down to just 5mg at bedtime and Aleve the rest of the time.

HEY! No one can accuse me of doing a half-baked job of things! When I do it…I do it full Monty…lol!


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