Sensory processing disorder
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This post is about all of the senses rather than just vision so please redirect me if you think another discussion category would be a better place to post.

I’m new here and live in Ireland. I’ve two kids with HF autism who have been recently diagnosed with hypermobility. For the last 4 years we had been advised to follow protocols based on sensory processing disorder but at the feedback session with a Rheumatologist she spoke about seeing comorbidity between sensory challenges and hypermobility. Even by paying for therapies the kids are badly supported as noone puts all the info together (and even when we do get good info there’s always school which inhabits a whole other reality to us!!)...but I was still stunned to hear there might be an organic reason that had never been considered.

For my daughter, age 8, visual inputs can be overwhelming, she gets dizzy looking at some patterns and needs books with large, well-spaced font.
They’re both hugely distractible and see minute visual details. They also have low muscle tone, poor coordination and fatigue issues.
I think I’m headed towards a similar diagnosis myself and have already been diagnosed with hypermobile eardrums. I’m beginning to question whether the things we’ve been told to do around desensitising the kids is even relevant or just cruel. When certain trigger sounds are near me, no matter how hard I concentrate on conversations I just can’t hear and its unpleasant. Because my daughter is autistic she can’t always express when something is causing her distress and school is all about the least amount of support possible. They’ve told me an OT instructed them that a child shouldn’t spend any more than 8 minutes wearing earmuffs….I let her wear them until the irritating source is gone.

Does anyone know of information that pulls both the organic and sensory processing viewpoints together?

Cheers, circles