Can you OD on Parasym Plus?
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This product is helping my daughter quite a lot.  What is the maximum amount she can safely take?  She is on quite a few prescription drugs, and if this could help reduce her need for some of them, it would be great!

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It depends on how deficient in acetylcholine your daughter is (and we are all a bit different, of course). When I first started it, I needed seven doses a day for a couple of days—but please understand that I was a severe case. At that point, I was having trouble staying awake even three hours a day, and my gastroparesis was awful. I could actually feel the fatigue creep back in when I needed another dose. Gads. I know of one person who cannot seem to go below 5 capsules/day without her gastroparesis returning, but *most* folks I hear from do fine with 2-3 capsules in the morning. If your daughter takes too much, she’ll likely notice that her heart rate will slow and her eyes and mouth will start to water. I hope she is feeling much better now! smile


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