Help Dr. Dianna, or anyone else that has input
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Hi Dr. Diana

I know you aren’t a cardiologist but I have an idea you are more knowledgeable than my cardio. I have what I thought was pots and since i have borderline hypertension and it soars along with my heart rate on standing I assumed it was hyper pots.

However I just had an echo and a nuclear scan. There were no blockages and my heart looks normal on echo but my ejection fraction was 74%. Now I’m a really large 50 year old woman that is extremely inactive due to symptoms. I know that my EF shouldn’t be that high. But the cardio called it normal.

He did say I have diastolic dysfunction and put me on a beta blocker which makes me feel worse plus isn’t really doing much to keep my heart rate down when I stand. And I get some really high diastolic numbers. Scary high. I still get light headed, breathless, and dizzy being upright for 2 minutes.

I know from all my research there are different types of treatments for different kinds of pots but he says there isn’t. Says I’m not hypovolemic, but my renin is out of range low and my aldosterone is in lower end of range. Do I need salt even with hypertension? And does it mean hyperpots if your blood pressure goes up on standing? Some say yes, some no.

I am supposed to be having a hysterectomy in April. I’m lost, scared and have no clue what to do. I have an enlarged uterus and I am wondering if this is having an effect on pelvic pooling? Maybe pushing on an artery or something? Or causing pelvic congestion syndrome. Seems some people think this contributes to pots.

After this testing I am now feeling like a ticking timebomb, wondering if my pots is something wayyyy more serious. I’d really welcome your input. Anyone else that wants to chime in as well. Thanks!


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I’m so sorry for your suffering, and although no one can tell you what is going on exactly (over the internet is particularly difficult!), I will say that if you want to learn if you have Hyper POTS, they can check your catecholamines when supine (after about 30 minutes) and then standing (usually over about 10 minutes). That may help them determine what exactly is going on. Keep us posted?


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