Cranial issues
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Hello there,
I hope I’m posting in the right section here! I have some concerns about my CSF, intracranial pressure and cranial bones. I was diagnosed with EDS III in 2013. I’ve also had CFS since 2005 and I am chemically sensitive too. Actually, I suspect I probably have MCAD as I’m so sensitive to foods, molds etc (no diagnosis though).

So… I have a history of poor CSF flow, diagnosed by a cranial osteopath in 2009. It seems my whole lymph and CSF system was quite stagnant and congested. After a course of treatment I was much improved. Also at this time I had a soft patch on the back of my skull (sagittal suture kind of area) which looked as if fluid was leaking out?? This has since lessened though it still feels softer than other people’s skulls. As I have recently been finding out more about hydrocephalus and intracranial pressure in EDS I am wondering whether my symptoms could all have been a manifestation of this? I still have some symptoms suggestive of high intracranial pressure like the neck and shoulder tension etc.

I have not yet ordered Diana Driscoll’s book but I am wondering whether it has any information on natural approaches to deal with these issues. I would not be wanting to take the standard drugs recommended if I did have raised intracranial pressure, though I am keen to know if there is anything else I could be doing.

Hope you can help!
With all best wishes.