Laying down symptoms
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I have been having some bad symptoms when laying down on my back in bed that I never had before.
I’m getting a hard heartbeat tachycardia.  Muscle twitching and jerks. I’m getting this very strange sensation up my spine up in to my neck and head. It feels like something is moving or pushing out my spine. Middle bottom part. I feel like a hose that is pinched off and my body is trying to get something to pass through and it makes me move.
Also if I lay on my back for too long it feels like I can’t move almost like I’m paralyzed and I get very weak.
I’m also having bad pain radiating down my neck and back. Head pain and dizziness.
Anyone else?

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Regarding the paralysis. Years ago I realised, when I was laid down, my head was pushed upwards and sort of rotated frontally, if you get what I mean. I often woke up paralysed, with my chin on my chest.  A position I was unable to put my head into before my accident.  This topic from a while ago might be useful to you:-