My daughter just started Parasym Plus she has POTS
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My daughter just started taking Parasym Plus. She has POTS and we are hoping this supplement will help.  Any idea how long it takes to see a difference?  And any side effects? She has been on it about 10 days now.  Since she started taking it, her headaches are worse and now she is having stomach issues.. :(  Help!

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I’m so sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering with POTS. :( Although we are all a bit different, can I suggest taking 2-3 capsules first thing in the morning, then waiting 45-60 before eating? This should allowing the body to put everything together sufficiently to stimulate the postganglionic vagus nerve, and to boost acetylcholine for the brain. It took me about a month before my gall bladder, pancreas, stomach acid and bowel movements were consistently normalized. Many of us need to control gut inflammation in conjunction with boosting acetylcholine, too. That’s where zantac, Cromolyn and similar medications come in. Hang in, my friend.


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