Flashes of good, very vivid vision
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I have been having extreem vision changes.  My vision changes throughout the day, but there are times when I can see very well without my glasses. With the glasses on, things suddenly go blurry. Then I take the glasses off and I can see everything. I notice this while driving. I’m thinking at the time, that this is awesome. I haven’t been able to see without glasses in many many years. I can’t even see what kind of cars are in front of me. Can’t read large signs. Then suddenly when wearing glasses, things go fuzzy and I take the glasses off and I can even read lisence plates. And everything is so vivid like seeing in HD. But it goes away. I visited my eye doc and she had never heard of it. I was going to get new glasses but decided to wait till next time to see if there had been another big change in my prescription. I got new glasses a year ago.  It was a big difference. But I don’t know where my vision was at that point because the changes in vision throughout the day are sometimes huge. Please can anyone tell me why this is happening. I’m not sure if it’s neurological or what. Most of the time my vision is best described as if I’m looking under water. I need help

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Annalynette, sorry to hear that your vision is making things interesting. If only the improvement would return and stay.

Do you have EDS? I ask because my son has had episodes of variable vision and has EDS.

He has had double vision (wears prisms) for around two years. After a second acupuncture treatment for chronic headaches, he woke up during the night and could see clearly for the first time in over 20 months without his prism glasses. He also had depth vision during the episode which he lost as a young child.

In the morning, his double vision had returned. Since then he has had two very short “flashes” of seeing depth.

Doctors have no explanation. He does not have evidence of papilledema, according to his pediatric opthalmologist.

I wonder what vision changes like these might mean. Might temporary restoration of nerve function be a plausible explanation? I’m not a doctor, just guessing and wondering.

I hope things work out for you. Dealing with vision issues and unknowns is certainly challenging, so I empathize with what you’ve experienced. Take good care!

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I think it is important to remember that the most common cause of rapid vision changes like what you describe are changes in blood sugar. I think it would be important to rule that out first. Oh—double vision in a lot of us is due to high intracranial pressure WITHOUT papilledema (swelling of the nerve head). Did you see the results of some of our work and research in this area in The Driscoll Theory? I hope this helps! Looking for changes in our eyes and vision is an important first step in locating underlying problems in the patients at POTS Care. It’s amazing what is getting missed in most of us!


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