Diastolic hypotension, hypertension, or something else?
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Hi all, I have a 15+ yr history of the classic POTS symptoms but have just been bounced from one gastroenterologist to another (nausea is the thing that bothers me most). Up until now my diagnosis was IBS + classic and vestibular migraines + anxiety. Finally I’ve been referred to an autonomic clinic and have recently learned about POTS, EDS, MCAD etc. like you Diana I also have an allied health and academic background so I have been reading a lot of articles this past month!

While I wait for my autonomic appointment at Easter, I have borrowed a blood pressure monitor and I’ve found some interesting patterns. When I am in supine my BP is around 90/50… A bit on the low side. When sitting quietly it drops further… Around 75-85/45. But after a few minutes of standing it is either in the normal range ( e.g. 100/60) or a high systolic (e.g. 177/80)! So I have this strange pattern…. Generally low diastolic at rest, and high systolic on standing. My HR also increases between 25-40 BPM from supine to stand @10 mins.

I am sure the cardiologist will reveal all in time, but just out of curiosity does anyone else experience this odd pattern? And does anyone know what it relates to physiologically? It is the D/S discrepancy that’s confusing me.

Thanks for your videos and forum Diana, great site to land on! grin

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Hi DizzyKate, Welcome to the forum! I’m so glad you found us. I’m interested in hearing if others have experienced this, and am curious what your doctors discover. It is not something I see often (actually, we see narrowed pulse pressure most often!). Please keep us posted. Gentle hugs…


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