Drs Driscoll & Meglathery should pool research…
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I believe that Drs Diana Driscoll & Sharon Meglathery really should confer & pool their research to further advance their common field of EDS R&D… since they are similarly brilliant & highly motivated & personally invested by both being patients & doctors on the cutting edge of EDS research…  The more they can collaborate & find more genius Zebras like them who also have EDS… the faster we all can find better treatments…

The world needs more of such collaboration on this, especially since the medical sector at large still inaccuracy assumes that EDS/JHS is rare, whereas it’s actually rarely diagnosed due to false presumptions by uninformed medical professionals…

(I’d love to become a medical research assistant myself, especially if I could make a living at it…)


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I agree that Dr. Meglathery is brilliant! Did you know she wrote one of the chapters in “The Driscoll Theory”? It’s a great one—be sure to take a look! She and I are in contact fairly regularly, actually. Please know that a fair amount often takes place in the background in research. smile


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