Another Parasym Plus Question
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Hi all!
I took this for one week, and was amazed at the difference in how I felt.
When ordering, many reviews commented on the smell. Well, that is my problem. I struggled through the first week, but became even more sensitive to the smell, and now vomit just opening the bottle. Is there any way to determine what causes the smell, so I can work around it?  If its the capsule or one ingredient?  Anyone else have issues with the smell?


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Hi Mysticknight, I’m so happy to hear that Parasym Plus is helping you! As far as the smell goes, one of the ingredients (a necessary ingredient) is sulpha based. Sulpha is not a lovely odor… lol You want to be sure the pills are kept in a cool place, and that the dessicant pack remains in the bottle! I wouldn’t put it in a pill box, but keep the pills in their own bottle. I don’t notice the smell at all, honestly, but one mom I knew put the capsules in a bigger capsule for her young daughter who noticed the smell. Empty capsules can be purchased at most health food stores or on-line (I love Amazon for those sorts of things!). Any capsule bigger than a “00” should do it. Keep feeling better! smile


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