Does a spinal leak always show on imaging?
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Thank you for previous reply Dr Diana. I have now arranged to see a Neurologist who specialises in CSF leaks next week and he is going to look at my previous MRI scans. None of these have picked up a leak in the past although I had metallic tasting water filling my mouth for about 18 months every time I sat up in the morning after hitting my head three years ago. I now suspect that the Chiari 0 showing on my scan may be because of low pressure rather than high pressure because the Diamox trial didn’t work for me. Do you know if this can be tested without any invasive procedures?

It’s also been diagnosed that I may have problems with the Vagus Nerve and have been given a trial of a Vagal Nerve Stimulator (please ask if you want details) to see if it helps. This reduces my pain levels slightly but I suspect that my vagus nerve is compressed within the carotid artery on the left so the pulse from the stimulator isn’t getting through to it properly (ref: Dr Diana’s book) The corner of your mouth is supposed to twitch downwards when you are using it but mine doesn’t do this for some reason. I wish I lived nearer so that I could come to your clinic for testing but travelling from the UK would be so difficult and I feel that the journey would be too much for me at the moment.

Best wishes to you all

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Hi Bea, finding spinal leaks can be very difficult, I’m afraid. A DSM is the best way to locate them. Keep in mind that these only detect SPINAL leaks (not leaks from your nose or ears). Currently, there are no definitive non-invasive ways to measure ICP. :( Because so many of us have damaged vagus nerves (due to compression, surgery, ablations, whiplash, etc), the vagus nerve stimulators are not effective for many. That is why Parasym Plus can be so helpful. It works on the POST-GANGLIONIC portion of the vagus nerve, or directly on the receptor. No matter what the cause of vagus nerve dysfunction, it is effective. Of course, it also crosses the blood brain barrier to boost cognition—something vagus nerve stimulators cannot do. smile


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