Alpha Lipod Acid Supplement
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I might have found a doctor to prescribe Diamox for me! Really think ICP is a problem for me but I’m not willing to do a lumbar puncture after reading so many posts as to the downfall of this procedure. My question is, will being on the supplement Alpha Lipoid Acid (sodium stabilized) effect my CO2 which seems critical to the success of this med? From what I understand we need to keep our level at 22 or above. Will the ALA drop this level? This supplement has been recommended by a naturapath for neuropathy. My CO2 on my last blood test was 27 so I don’t want to take something that will lower it.  Thanks for any input.

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Hi Teriann, No worries on the alpha-lipoic acid contributing to acidity. smile Fingers crossed for you and Parasym Plus!


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