Salivary Glands not functioning - if not Sjögren & Myasthenia Gravis - what else to look for?
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Dear Dr. Driscoll

I have POTs and most likely EDS (not determined yet).

My salivary glands stopped working properly 1 year ago, but the “chewing glands” work.

One eye is dry - on and off (never out doors though).

They checked me for Sjögren (blood and biopsi in lip + advanced eye testing) and Myasthenia Gravis - both negativ in august 2016. the glands worked once again after using CBD oil in large portion. But stopped working again 3 months later and have not been able to stimulate them with CBD oil afterwards.

I have been told that if glands don’t work for some time they “die/dry out” and will never function again, so I am afraid that if they don’t find the cause fast enough, I will have to live with poor functioning gland and maybe even loose the last part that is functioning. And my doctors seem to have no idea than Sjögren.

My question is therefore; do you have any ideas as to what else can effect the glands and eye, making them work so poorly, that I should be tested for?

And can you recommend any medicin/herbs/minerals etc that could stimulate them here and now?

I apologize for the poor english, I am Danish:-)

Your ideas/input/advice is very very much appreciated.

Best regards and thank you so much in advance.
Maj Britt


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Hello, Maj! It may be your parasympathetic nervous system! Have you heard about Parasym Plus?
Our research results are here: Website is here:
If you are like me, Parasym Plus may boost both your vagus nerve, AND your tear and saliva production.
Fingers crossed! smile


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