Obtaining a trial of Diamox. Dr Diana can I share details of reputable source on here?
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I am in the UK with no access to any quality medical help as many on here can relate to, so I self treat. I have a medical background so am confident in researching and obtaining what I need safely.

I am aware that many people in the UK and other countries struggle to obtain a prescription for a short trial of Diamox, and whilst I am not advocating people buy medication willy nilly from the internet, I feel our particular population are frequently better informed than the doctors treating us (if any) and where prescriptions are obtained, they are frequently procured on the patient’s request, and the patient also largely seems to have to navigate the dosage instructions.

If a short trial helps you, this can then greatly strengthen your case to argue for an ongoing prescription from your doctor, but without a trial it is a catch 22 situation.

I have found an online pharmacy which sells Diamox fairly cheaply with no prescription required. It is the real deal, consistent side effects and all.

I would really like to share the details of this site if I am allowed in case it helps anyone else who is struggling to obtain some for a trial. Is this permitted?

B xxx

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I’m fine with it, Bombshell, with the caveat that a prescription *should* be required.
There are some horror stories about on-line pharmacies, but my personal experience has been mostly good.


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