Please Help MS? POTS? 
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Hello all,
My name is Monet, and I’ve been struggling with on and off symptoms for some time now.
I now believe mi issues started when I was young. This was before I became a nurse or understood anything medical. I was 18 and my vision became dark. I didn’t tell anyone at the time because I didn’t want to go to the hospital. It cleared up in about a week. Life went on and I started college. I’d have the occasional palpitation but thought that was normal. In my early 20’s I got up one morning to go to the bathroom and hit the floor. My husband had to help me I had difficulty walking for a few days ( thought it was r/t my back)
Time went on. I became a nurse. Woke up one morning and it felt like I’d worked out . That contd. for a while on and off. Went to see my doctor, and he said Fibromyalgia. I went with it. Couple years later. I had difficulty using the fingers on my right side. Asked my doc if it could be MS and at that time he said he didn’t think so. I went on. My husband asked one day if I’d like to sit. I said no I’m fine. I wasn’t. I knew I’d been feeling off and light headed but I needed to keep going. While at work, another nurse noticed I was off as well. She made me go to the wrong by wheelchair. I was D.C. With SVT.
I’d have what I thought were fibro flairs on and off. Then it all went left. Dizziness, difficulty walking, spasms, blurred vision etc… My doctor took another look at me and said ” I think it’s MS” well. The Neuro I saw was a butthole. He said initially he thought it was MS but b/c the radiologist said my MRI was okay , it’s probably not. Tremor, numbness, tingling, burning stabbing pcp, feeling like something’s crawling on me, itching, and incontinence at times. I’ve been beaten down. Went to ER with severe tremor and was told it’s ” conversion disorder” yeah, okay. I was told by another cardiologist that I don’t have SVT but rather Sinus tach and he feels it’s r/t a connective tissue disorder??!
I’m lost… and so tired. Please Dr. Driscoll Help me!!

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I’m so sorry for your journey so far, SickRN! :( I remember when I thought I was developing MS—it was tough to get answers! If your MRI is clear (and stays clear) I agree that it must not be MS.
Do you know if you have POTS? Do you know how to do a “poor man’s tilt table test”? Maybe that would help to get you some answers! big hug…


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