Please Help: EDS-H & vision pressure/pain
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I am EDS-H with the typical complaints: gastro, migraines, chronic subluxation/dislocation, endometriosis, progesterone deficient, hypothyroidism ....
Also, I have a benign 5mm pituitary adenoma that doesn’t seem to have grown.
However, my newest complaint is the recent onset of vision pulsating & pressure, with loss of detail/blurred vision.
I have been to several doctors & diagnosed with chronic dry eyes, with minor nearsightedness. I was given steroid drops which helped, but not completely.
This began a year ago, on my 40th birthday, and I truly believe there is more going on here than just irritating dry eyes.
I often wonder if the pulsating eye pain is being affected by my hormone fluctuations throughout the month.
If anyone has any knowledge & could advise me, I would be so grateful, as I am finding these symptoms a lil scary.
Thank you,
A fellow Zebra

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Hello, fellow Zebra! smile As both a zebra and an eye doctor, I’d recommend an eye exam first!
If all checks out, please consider the possibility of high intracranial pressure. Do you have other symptoms that could be high pressure? Also, please don’t forget the role of your parasympathetic nervous system. When you said “dry eyes”, we know to consider a problem there! Have you heard of Parasym Plus?
It can usually eliminate chronic dry eyes in about 4-6 weeks (as well as other symptoms of low parasympathetic nervous system functioning. You may want to check out  I hope it helps! wink


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