EDS Hypermobility and thinning abdominal wall
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I’m having an issue and would like to know if anyone has had or has the same issue.  It’s been 2 years since my last spinal surgery. The last one fused my L3 to my already fused L-4 to S-1.  My spine has been as I Would call it, failing for a long time.  I am fused C-5 to C-7.  Also I’m now fused L-3 to S-1. L-1 and L-2 are very bad but we want to try stem cell regeneration when I can maybe afford it.  I was diagnosed with EDS HY about 4 years ago by a geneticist. I have a Beighton score of 9/9.

What is happening is the laminectomy I had 2 years ago has apparently caused the thinning abdominal wall with what they are calling a false hernia. I have severe swelling from mid back all the way around to my mid stomach only on the left side.  Swelling is just under my breast area and has flattened down a bit to swell to the mid stomach line.  Sometimes I swell lower but mostly I swell up higher.  I have a hard area where the incision was that softenens when I wear an abdominal brace but I can’t wear that all the time as it gets rather painful. 

The CT with contrast showed a small umbilical hernia not bulging but on the left side 3 doctors felt I had a large hernia but now we know it is a false hernia.  A couple of my doctors felt I should fix the abdominal wall area but then felt it would be too risky for to do so and the chance of failure is very high for me.  Now what?  I am doing my best to loose some weight.  ( need about 50) But without exercise, and with my system, we are attempting to strengthen my very broken DNA and slowly detoxing, that’s a slow road.

It was suggested I get a custom brace made to help the denervation they say I have. But why does it swell now? It starts out swollen in the AM and gets very swollen by evening.  Any helpful hints? Any one else have this problem??  I’d love to get it surgically fixed but I understand why it might not be best to do so.  It is very debilitating.  I am hoping loosing weight will help a lot.  Thanks. Jul

I am adding this part Sept. 29,  a false hernia is apparently still a hernia, I am having a hard time understanding the concept.  A hernia from a trauma?. I did fall on my left side in 2006, very badly and don’t remember the fall except when I woke up as my head was coming up from the wooden floor. I was going the opposite way from what I remember. Crazy it was.  I looked like a horror movie character, my whole left side of my face was a broken mess.
So I don’t know if that trauma or the laminectomy caused the hernia. 

However, maybe someone can better explain a ” false Hernia”  ?  Do I have it all wrong?  Thanks!