Vague nerve cut
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Hello, I’m happy to find this forum. I was diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis and mast activation disorder 3 months after I had thoracic surgery to enable access to the front of my spine as part of spinal fusion. I suspect damage to my vagus nerve provoked this problem. I’m going to order Parasym and also start low dose naltrexone for CFS and Lyme. Thank you for educating us.

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He there Heyyaya! I’m so sorry about your diagnosis, but so glad I could help! Anyone fighting infection needs their vagus nerve to work well (it is the antiinflammatory pathway of the body).
If your preganglionic nerve was cut, Parasym Plus can be used to stimulate your postganglionic vagus nerve (the tiny little second part). That’s how many of us can recover vagus nerve functioning—and normal bowel movements! Hang in, my friend. smile


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