Medication Sensitivity?
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Dr. Driscoll,

Question:  How common is “sensitivity to meds & herbs” in POTS Patients?  How many patients report medication sensitivity would you say if you had to estimate?

Also, do you see any trends with the patients you have?  Does it seem genetic or do you think it’s related to toxin exposure at some point in life?

Also, from all of your research and books, what would you say you’ve discovered is the root cause of POTS?  Is it a specific receptor?  A specific gene?  A specific enzyme that the body fails to produce?

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Hi! I certainly see more sensitivities in the patients we see at POTS Care, but I can’t say that about “EDS” per se—only POTS patients with EDS (or joint hypermobility). Does that make sense?
We are digging deep for the answers to your questions and looking forward to releasing what we’ve learned. We have a blood study going on right now in fact! It is not too late, if you or anyone you know is interested in participating! Just email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and they’ll get you fixed up! smile


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