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My 19 year old daughter was just diagnosed with gastroparesis after having an endoscopy and gastric emptying study. She has been having quite a difficult time with nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, fatigue, intermittent diarrhea, etc., since October.  I believe this actually started a few years ago with nausea frequently in the morning but has gone undiagnosed until now.  I saw previous posts about gastroparesis but the last ones I see are from about 5 years ago.  Was there ever any luck with the clinical trial that you were trying to get volunteers for?  I really want to get help for her but I hate the thought of her taking Reglan because of its potential side effects.  Are there any other meds that have worked well or vitamins/minerals?

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Hi Lynn, There can be many reasons for gastroparesis, but what got missed in most of us was the role of the vagus nerve. This took a few years to put all of the pieces together, but you may find the results of the research AMAZING (the research paper is here: This missing piece is not uncommon in the majority of patients with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, POTS, early multiple sclerosis, and a few other “invisible disorders”. This research resulted in a patent because no one else ever put all of the pieces together. This product was a necessary step for my son and I to recover (I was putting it together in my kitchen for a few years). I hope this is hugely helpful for you! Best taken on a (basically) empty stomach (2-3 capsules). Please let me know if it reverses your gastroparesis! Gentle hugs…


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