Please help new and confusing mri pictures
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Hi i had a mri in november 17 and a consultant letter in december 17 saying nothing there its fnd. I have a phsyical dent on my body in lumbar spinal area. Spend every day in pain, i cant do simple tasks of washing up, or even carrying my baby wasit height or sitting on the floor. You cant touch that dent it causes disabling crippling to the floor pain even the duvet touching it hurts causing no sleep. I spend every day in pain and im only 24. I need my life back is there anything on these please.

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I’m so sorry for your pain! I always recommend a second opinion if need be. Sadly, when looking at MRI’s sometimes the whole series is needed to evaluate, rather than rather random shots. So I don’t think anyone can give you anything concrete from these images. What is certain, though, is that you hurt. At a minimum, you could consider a second radiologist’s opinion?


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