Update - be careful with neuroprotek
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Update - be careful with neuroprotek
How did I get it so wrong! I have thoroughly read the Driscoll Theory but for some reason I thought because I’m hypermobile that I do not have histamine problems and that led me to the conclusion of mast cells. Wrong. leave it to say I had a terrible reaction with neuro protek I can provide details if anyone wants it but leave it to say it did not work for me and even put me into quite a downward spiral I have only been able to get out of by taking extra Diamox and H1 antagonist. I reread Driscoll Theory and I don’t know how I got it wrong about mast cells but anyway before taking neuro protek, if you are EDS, read Driscoll Theory again. Can you tell I’m pretty mad at myself!

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Isn’t that something? It’s such a common fallacy—to think that histamine means mast cells! You are certainly not alone. I addressed this in a couple of posts. Here’s one: here


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