Swallowing Parasym Plus Pills
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Does anyone know—if you have trouble swallowing large pills, is it ok to dump the contents of the Parasym Plus capsules in water and drink the powder? I know some pills have contents that are irritating to the esophagus. I would love to be taking Parasym Plus regularly, but I find them hard to get down.
(I have EDS, MCAS, POTS, being evaluated for Chiari soon)

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Hi Laura, I’ve seen people do it, and it may be better than nothing! A couple of potential issues, though. One is that one of the ingredients is about the size of a dust particle, and yet it must be in every capsule (manufacturers hate this). So if it clings to the side of the glass, you don’t get a critical ingredient. Secondly, please plug your nose! This doesn’t smell good (one ingredient is sulpha-based). Hugs, Dr. D


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