Hip / Pelvis X-ray
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I was temporarily crippled by a significant pelvic separation a few years ago.  Since it is still so painful, I wondered if it had healed. Still have no clue but hurts so badly at times that I cannot walk. No medical feedback to speak of.  To me, the lay one, it doesn’t look like my hips are right - AND IT CERTAINLY DOESN’T FEEL LIKE MY HIPS ARE ‘RIGHT’ AS I’M GANGLING AND STAGGERING AROUND on a daily basis.  The pain part isn’t crippling every day but the ‘gangling’ is always present for me.  ALSO, MY PUBIC BONE IS ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE - PROBABLY 45 DEGREES DIFF, AT LEAST.  MY HIPS NOW ANGLE OUTWARDS WHEREAS THEY USED TO ANGLE INWARDS.  THESE ARE CHANGES THAT I CAN FEEL THROUGH MY SKIN AND AM 100% POSITIVE OF!

Pain everywhere!  Also, does my pelvis appear to be WNL (when I asked a provider they weren’t sure) since my PCP has never reviewed.  Kyphosis, spondylosis?  Have no idea if this is a pelvis thing?

Any thoughts?

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