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Im on a quest to get my life back…58 years of mystery to unravel…….is there anyone who could point out potential problems in my mri please? I would be very grateful for your time…….Chairi measured at 5mm(prone)deemed normal this led me to Eds and shocked to find many hypermobile joints and many awful symptoms could be related to neck instability….I am committed to helping myself in understanding why my body react so strangely. Thank you. Mri attatched…..

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I’m so sorry you are dealing with this! This is Chiari, certainly. What I found is that high intracranial pressure can worsen Chiari AND can mimic Chiari. My children and I were able to avoid invasive surgery by treating the high intracranial pressure (that wasn’t evident on the MRI). This is all explained in The Driscoll Theory book. Do you have it? Please keep us posted! Love, Dr. D


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