POTS episode after oral surgery
Posted: 27 May 2019 11:55 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hi everyone!

I used to have an account here (NomPancakes I think) a long time ago before I got the official diagnoses of POTS and got great advice from Dr. Driscoll about starting Zantac/Zytec(Reactine). It worked wonders and my stamina was much greater than it was before! However, last Tuesday, I needed surgery to lower my bottom lip ligament for future health on my gums and it wrecked me. Initially I felt okay but as the days went on and the swelling went up. I knew I had an inflammation trigger to my POTS. I was have tremors, I would go from hot to cold within a few minutes, I would buzz and not be able to sleep, my forehead and side of head had a great amount of pressure build up to the point where it was feeling numb, heart rate would continuously stay elevated, blood pressure would be normal then suddenly drop or raise. Then I realized it was the inflammation causing the flare up so I went out an purchased ibuprofen which I recall is not usually advised for POTS patients but I was willing to do anything to get rid of the inflammation. Within 20 minutes, My heart rate problems, tremors, inter-cranial pressure, body temperature situation was put at ease. It’s gotten a lot better in the days since but Im still not feeling how I felt before the surgery. Im starting to think getting that surgery was a very bad idea. Is there anything I can do or talk to my doctor about to help me bounce back?