Myasthenia Gravis
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Has anyone else ever been diagnosed with this? My eye Dr. thinks I have Myasthenia Gravis.  My eye muscles are all either very weak or paralyzed. My throat seems sslightly affected. I am such a nervous wreck since this appointment because she mentioned this possibility as well as Mitochondrial Disease.  She said time is of the essence and I am already farther progressed than some other patients she has seen : (  Any advise or support is very greatly appreciated.



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I had the diagnosis for 7 years prior to heading to the Mayo clinic and getting the real story, it wasnt MG. Do you have positive antibodies and have you had a single fiber EMG which will tell the story its its MG. Most cases of MG can be well controlled with mestinon and immunosuppresants. I also had the droopy eye (ptosis) and swallowing difficulties. Make sure you are getting the right test by a center and doc that specializes in MG.