Baby with blue sclera and 13 mm cornea ? EDS
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Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome/possible EDS. Recently, my 18 months old granddaughter was noted by her pediatrician to have blue sclera.  She was sent to peds eye specialist who also noted megalocornea (13mm), high myopia, astigmatism and optic disc cupping; and referred her to University of Michigan for possible connective tissue disorder workup(osteogenesis imperfecta or Ehlers-danlos).  My son (her father) also has very loose skin on his face, as well as hypermobile joints and other possible manifestations of EDS. 

Does anyone on this forum have any information on the relationship with EDS between blue sclera/megalocornea and the other ocular issues, like my granddaughter has?  We have to wait a few months to get her in to U of M for evaluation.  In the meantime, she has been prescribed eyeglasses and we are just waiting for the appointment. 

Thanks for any information!

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