punctate keratoderma
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an inherited skin thing -v small round hardened patches of skin (which look a bit similar to verruccas without the visible ‘thorn’ in the middle) on palms of hands/fingers and soles of feet

oops I didnt know this ‘link’ comes up as a big pic- and nope luckily those are not my hands- I havent got as many of the little blighters

I inherited these from my father (dont know if he was an EDSer too, my mum sure is)- and apart from him the only other peops I’ve ever come across with them ... were other EDSers on EDS forums… so.. anyone else?

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Hi Bearcat, Wow, those ARE unnusual. Not even Dr. Google (ha) was of any help for me on this one. Does any one else know what this is? Perchance, did your dermatologist have an idea, or even do a biopsy to check? I assume these bumps don’t itch, right?  Anyone?


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I have one spot that looks like that. Never knew what it was though. My skin is covered with loads of weird marks, so I never even thought to ask.