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Newbie looking for advice about symptoms and appointments
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I’m so sorry you have a cold! I hope it will pass soon. *healing vibes* I’m sorry the therapy didn’t work out as well as you had hoped. :( If at all possible, don’t give up. You are in a tough spot so it isn’t the easiest thing in the world by far but keep moving. You deserve all the help and happiness life has to offer even if the path to get there is rather bumpy. Keep trying. If something is a constant source of stress and it is at all possible to do so, leave it behind. Use all of your energy to get you through your days with your head held high and finding joy where you can. The frustration can be daunting. Let yourself feel it and then let it pass you by. I know how awful it can feel when you are dealing with something so big and long-lasting and the people you go to for help are, to put it charitably, less than helpful. It can be a draining and lonesome position to be in that makes you just want to throw your hands up and quit trying. I wish you well on your journey. I don’t know what the future holds but I do know you deserve to find peace in your life.

My mother-in-law is continuing to do well. She has had a lot of appointments and has been doing some physical therapy. Everything seems to still be going well so that is nice.

I had an endoscopy done the other day and now have confirmation that I have a hiatal hernia and inflammation. Biopsies were taken and I should be getting the results in about 10 days or so. They want to rule out whether or not I have Barrett’s esophagus. So that will be interesting.

The week started out rather rough for me because my husband may have had a mild heart attack or the very least had some type of heart “episode.” He was at work and I found out details after the fact. We’ve had some trouble getting him in to a cardiologist so he sees our primary tomorrow in order to get a referral and hopefully he can see the cardiologist very soon. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, I have him taking Bayer and am watching his symptoms like a hawk.

So not super fun but on we go. I hope your cold is easing up! *some more healing vibes*

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