Btw. I suck at forums. 
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Newbie here. (Giggle.) well, to the forum. I wont whine about my challenges but lets just say that learning NEW formats is my least favorite of all my challenges! Been a Driscoll fan for a long time. smile

My only other disclaimer at the moment is that my stuff is often blurry. I like to call my blurry fotography “impressionistic” but really? Thats how i see it! Im highly myopic and have had my vision even more complicated by a head injury that causes some funky fine tuned visual stuff. Like wiggly letters when i read or focus that comes and goes with eye fatigue.

So, that being said, if i post a blurry shot?
I had no idea!
Lets just call it my unique “style”.

Ive really enjoyed seeing everyones posts! Beautiful and unique things!!!!

Virtual hugs to all!
Thanks Dr. Diana for a fun contest that motivated me to learn this new format for me.
Ive been stuck in facebook land and dont get forum structure at all!
Who knows where this post ends up?
Or how ill even find this thread again!
So bear with me while i “get my forum on!”

Ill get the hang of it.

Little bit of random trivia:
Did u know that if u take vit C supplements and eat shrimp, it reacts together in the stomach to create arsenic? Seriously now.
No shrimp if u take vitamin C!
love, zebrazone

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Welcome, Zebrazone!  I hear ya’ about the dreaded learning curve with forums.Most folks here know that I SUCK with Facebook. It seems whenever I get comfortable with some sort of technology, they go and change it on me! My husband swears I would still be using DOS (way before your time, I’m sure), if computers still allowed it. ha. No worries, we’re all here to figure things out together, so ask away if you have any questions, and please don’t be shocked if our answers sort of sound like “Duh…”.  BTW, there are some ROCKET SCIENTISTS on this forum, who know technology, and Heaven knows what else, like no one’s business! That just wouldn’t be me. smile


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