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I created and designed this fine silver and leather bracelet with my daughters own words. As she was learning how to write she wrote the words “MOMMY” I captured her actual writing and made an heirloom keepsake to forever remember “the little things”

I was diagnosed with P.O.T.S. 2years ago. Before the result of finally being diagnosed I had what was suppose to be an overnight biopsy turn into an emergency surgery due to the Dr’s mistake of removing a piece of heart muscle instead of the cyst, resulting in a 3 week stay in the hospital and the loss of my full time job. I was slowly recovering and needed to support myself and my 3yr old daughter so I taught myself a new trade. I learned how to work with PMC, precious metal clay. I started working from home and created my business Karma Kouture. I have expanded to accessories and custom design clothing now. Below is my biz bio and what I believe…

A bit about Me…
Established 11.11.11

I created Karma Kouture based on the beliefs of the golden rule…treat others as you want to be treated. After going through a debilitating surgery several years back, I found myself having to start my life over…I was a single mother of an active 3yr old girl, had months of recovery ahead of me, my employment had ended abruptly, and I was looking for a place to call home. Instead of giving in to my illness, I chose to fight back and share with everyone the true joy of helping others. Whether I am creating a footprint pendant for a newborn we are welcoming into this world, a message from a loved one passed, or finding the perfect outfit for you to make you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are in, each project I work on has special meaning to me and I love to hear the stories behind each and every customer. I truly believe in Karma and that what goes around…comes around. Trust in me and I will give you my everything.
Much Love,

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Much Love,
Karma…What Goes Around…Comes Around

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What a great idea! Who wouldn’t love THIS?! wink


Dr.Diana, therapeutic optometrist disabled by EDS/POTS/ME/CFS for a decade, now recovered and practicing full-time at POTS Care cheese

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