Bone Density and EDS
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I just recently went to a great rheumatologist who confirmed that my joints are in fact hypermobile, which has likely been the source of my chronic pain. She seemed most intrigued by my history of bone fractures (both of my femurs broke when I was in my teens due to what she determined to be a “simple fall”). We had discussed low bone density and the link to Ehlers-Danlos, and then we decided to get a bone density scan of my femurs and hips. However, it turns out that my bone density is normal. I was wondering if any one out there with EDS has gotten bone density scans and if they were normal or low? Also if any one knows if there are any other factors that go along with EDS that could make a person more prone to a break?

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Yes, Vitamin D deficiency.  Many of us are housebound and feel the cold very easily, so have to ‘wrap-up’ even if they do manage to wander out into the garden, so don’t get much opportunity to absorb the sun’s vital rays.