My daughter does not sweat…any suggestions for approaching her doc so she takes this serious??
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So…since our dec 9 visit to a geneticist, per his advice we have been trying to give her 64 oz. of water and more salt. I think this is a weird “script” but what do i know…I look at her urine everyday to tell what she may need more of, per Dr. D’s video! Seems ok there.
I would think that uptake in water and just a pinch of natural sea salt once a week, should produce SOME SWEAT!?! She does physical therapy every day and some of it is cardio(not much cuz she freaks out about being to hot). I do the pt as does her 11 yr old sister. We sweat! Her peers sweat, WHY DOESNT SHE???

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Has she had a QSART test or thermo-regulatory test? Any of the ‘traditional’ autonomic testing? It sounds like she may need it… These tests, in conjunction with others, will help determine if she has a neuropathic POTS, for which treatment may be quite different. I know it is hard to “push” some of our doctors, but it may be in order… Let us know? wink


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