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I have been diagnosed with this for a little over a year.
My entire body can have welts on it if I itch myself or if i rub with pressure.
It is very annoying. People constantly ask me what’s wrong with my skin. I dont have an answer, my skin just does that.
Did I mention that it burns? Some people think it’s cool. But its slightly painful being covered in welts and not being able to itch a scratch.
allergy meds lessen the severity but it still hurts.

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Welcome! Did your doctors recommend anything for you? Many of us get improvement with antihistamines and perhaps Cromolyn sodium or Ketotifen. Alternatively, your doctor may want to biopsy this, especially if it comes with other ‘funky’ skin signs (like hives, folliculitis, etc). I’ve always had this, as have my kids. Will you keep us posted? And welcome to the forum! wink


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